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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Decatur, GA Real Estate

Looking for your next real estate investment? Decatur, Georgia is a thriving city in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area that you should consider. Home to over 22,000 people, Decatur is filled with historic neighborhoods, locally-owned shops, and charming real estate properties. It is also hailed by many as one of the top cities in Atlanta. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in Decatur's booming real estate market: Decatur has plenty of real estate properties to choose from. Deca...

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Young woman standing in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia looking at scenic water, and cityscape skyline of urban city skyscrapers downtown, Lake Clara Meer

Checklist for Choosing a Great Neighborhood in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia is teeming with spectacular neighborhoods, each one with its own distinct characteristics. If you're looking for the perfect neighborhood in this diverse area, here are the important questions you should ask: What are you looking for in a neighborhood? Atlanta is a city full of diverse neighborhoods, and residents within each often proclaim their neighborhood the best. With so many options, first consider family goals, type of home, commute time, amenities, and neigh...

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4 Ways to Get Romantic in and Around Atlanta

Atlanta offers plenty of ways to find love – and stay in love. If you’re looking for date destinations and events to create lasting memories with your special someone, count on the City of Atlanta to deliver. Here are some exceptional ideas to add to your list: Wine and Dine with Great Cityscape Views at the Garden at Community Smith Go for the classic dinner date, but take it up a notch by adding spectacular roof deck views of the city around you. The Garden is a fine complement t...

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Atlanta’s Most Interesting Claims to Fame

Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park is one of many local highlights that add to the city's distinct character. There are so many reasons to love Atlanta. From commendable sustainable redevelopment efforts, to impressive outdoor attractions, to its emerging identity as the "Hollywood of the South," the city simply exudes a unique character. That's not all, though. Atlanta has even more noteworthy claims to fame: Atlanta's Best Traits Are Captured in Its Nicknames While "The ATL," "Th...

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Atlanta Officials Working on a Better Bike Lane Network

Atlanta continues to buildon itsreputation as a bona fide bike-friendly city. As the Atlanta BeltLine continues to take form, residents are welcoming the return of bicycles all around the city. Thanks to the continuous development of bike-friendly infrastructure and the arrival of bikeshare programs in local neighborhoods, commuting by bike is growing more popular among residents. The next step forward:Connecting the bikeways into an extensive network that complements the rest of the BeltL...

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